October 19, 2014

Mingle Monday Blog Link-Up!

To make up for last week's Mingle Monday rain check (thanks for the vacation grace!), I decided to post our week long link-up extra early! I am super excited to see who all stops by today and meet some new blog friends myself. Nothing is better than stumbling across a new blog that you can't stop reading, right?!

Anyway, I hope you all had an incredible weekend! I went to the ballet with my sister, spent all of Saturday with my hubby on a day date, and Sunday getting some much needed relaxation and refocusing (more details from the weekend coming soon!). Life is good, my friends.



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** What was your best ever Halloween costume? **


May your week be easy, and if it gets crazy may the wine be plentiful! ;)

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October 17, 2014

5 Things

I can hardly contain myself as I sit here counting down the minutes until the clock reaches 5 p.m.
It was a short week for me, but those always tend to seem so long after you've been on vacation. This weekend is chalked full of some exciting new adventures and old favorites.

Here's a few thoughts for the anticipated fun...

1// The doctor always prescribes BabyCakes as the answer for long, dwindling Friday afternoons. You better believed I nabbed that carrot cake cupcake the second my co-workers were able to pry the container from my hands. ;)

2// When the Kansas City Ballet announced their 2014-2015 season my jaw almost hit the floor. The first performance of the year is Alice in Wonderland. My sister and I can't wait for a sushi + cocktail happy hour and then off the the Kauffman Center to witness the athleticism and crazy fun costumes first hand. 

I started dancing at age three and I love every single dance medium. So to get to see a professional ballet creatively interpret such a beloved classic will be a real treat. I don't think I slept a wink last night... I am so excited!

3 // So apparently I have been the worst roommate ever lately. Adam said that the last two nights I have been a total crazy, thrashing about and rolling myself up in all of the covers (sorry bud!). 

And then he said last night I woke him up in my sleep (is that possible?) to ask him what he was dreaming about. He told me about some cray cray dream about a bonfire and throwing chairs into. The next thing he knows is that I mumbled a bunch of weird incoherent things before rolling over and then I didn't move the rest of the night. 

I recollect nothing. 
(tell me I'm not alone!)

// This is the first weekend in about a month that is completely open for us to spend time together. We decided that a day date to the Louisburg Cider Mill sounded perfect. 

It's our little tradition where we dunk our cider donuts in their freshly made hot cinnamon apple cider. After our apple overload, we do a little moseying through the gift shop and of course have to people watch while we pass the pumpkin patch. I. Can't. Wait.

5 // I just wanted to say thank for sticking with me lately. It's easy to come down on yourself as a blogger when you aren't posting 5-7 times a week, but I am glad you stick with me! 

Now that I have plenty of time after my first big craft show, family vacay, etc. I have lots of great things planned. Thanks for your patience and every single one of your comments. They really do make my whole day!

What fun weekend adventures await you?

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October 15, 2014

Today's Letters

I've been blissfully caught up in fall shenanigans while on vacation with the fam this weekend.
We slept in way too late, didn't wear a drop of make-up, ate pumpkin pancakes (should've worn stretchier pants!), and had the best getaway ever.

Life is good, and I am basking in the glow today, so I figured a few little love notes were in order...

Dear Hubster //
After a year and a half of marriage, you are always finding new ways to speak my love language. Today that came in the form of helping me get the Royals game to [illegally] stream live on my work lappy. What will you amaze me with next?

Dear Ozarks //
Your version of Fall knocked the wind out of me. Just driving through windy back roads, I loved every last crimson and gold leaf on your ever-so-bushy trees.

Dear Beast //
The way you gallop toward us at top speeds after we haven't seen you all weekend makes me feel like a little kid on Christmas morning.

Dear City of Kansas City //
I love the way we have come alive in the last few weeks. Blue flags hanging from every business. High fiving complete strangers. Lighting up the entire downtown cityscape blue. It's been 29 years since the Royals have made the World Series, and deep down in my bones I think today's the day! #takethecrown

Dear Tennies //
I hope you're ready for a heavy workout, because I am pretty sure I ate a pound of Sara's famous puppy chow this weekend. Today I am worried that my jeans' button might ricochet and take out my old lady co-worker with the vigor of a champagne cork, so it's time...

Dear Adam (who always deserves two letters) //
I am surprised that you are still willing to bless me with goodbye forehead kisses every morning. Despite that I am able to sleep in longer than you, steal the covers by wrapping up like a quilt burrito, and mumble things about a 10 page paper being due (what?), you teach me that love is unconditional and yours is always readily given.

//  Life is all about the little things, my friends. //
What's one thing you're thankful for today?

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October 13, 2014

Mingle Monday Raincheck!

No Mingle Monday this week - I'm on the way back from an awesome lake weekend! :)

Catch you all tomorrow! 

October 9, 2014

Stitching + Brews: A Night With Hey Paul Studios

{photo by Kari of This Too}

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to the increasingly popular Eat Drink Stitch monthly happy hour. This fantastic event is hosted by the ever-so-warm and lovely Kristen Shuler from Hey Paul Studios. She is such a talented embroidery artist (check out her work!) who had a dream of unifying crafters by inviting them out for a fun, mellow evening of stitching and sipping.

Each month, the Eat Drink Stitch happy hour changes locations and features all new stitching designs, food, and drinks in a fun local setting. The inaugural event that was held at Westport Flea Market was a raging success, leaving the 2nd event at Big Rip Brewing Company to sell out in no time!

As soon as Kristen extended the invite to me, I knew I had to call my crafty, fabulous friend Kari to join me. We drank delicious Big Rip brews (get the little tasters - it was fun to try several different kinds!), purchased adorable stitch kits that Kristen put together, picked out a cute pattern, stopped by the complimentary thread bar to pick out colors, and went to town! 
{photo by Kari of This Too}

All in all it was a great night. I made some new friends, had a ton of fun, and already can't wait to go to the next happy hour! Stay tuned - you can sign up to get on the notification list HERE.

In case you would like to attend an Eat Drink Stitch event and can't make the happy hours, check out Hey Paul Embroidery 101 Workshop. This is part of the brand new Eat Drink Stitch coffee house series (I cannot wait - this is right up my alley!).

Here is a little more from Kristen herself:

"This event is a bit different from the Hey Paul happy hours that you may have attended. While just as fun, this is a fully guided (and caffeinated) embroidery workshop for beginner level stitchers. 

 During this 2 hour course, you will learn all about the basic tools of hand embroidery, three basic stitches, discuss pattern making techniques, and methods for mounting your work for display. You will also receive a subscription to my online newsletter that is packed full of tips, tricks, and tutorials. Coffee and delicious snacks are available for purchase during this workshop. Seating is extremely limited." 

 If you are interested in attending, tickets can be purchased HERE.
 I hope to see you there!

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October 6, 2014

Mingle Monday Blog Link-Up!

So sorry for the crazy tardiness of this little weekly link-up!
Oh man, this morning started off with quite a bang (I've already had 4 meetings before lunch), and with our house being remodeled today I haven't been home to schedule posts!

So sorry! Thanks for sticking with me.
A little grace on a Monday is so welcomed and I am so glad you stopped by! Have fun mingling, my friends!



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** What home projects are on your to do list? **

(Ours is brand new flooring for the whole house today - bye bye 70's shag carpet!)


Keep some Monday booty, y'all!

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October 3, 2014

First Friday + Weekend Outlook

Despite staying up past an ungodly hour and sitting on pins and needles to see if the Royals were going to pull of their win last night, I still managed to roll out of bed early.

After all, it is First Friday weekend and I have places to go and treasures to find. I met my friend Karen over in the Westside for a little morning pick-me-up at neighborhood gem, Little Freshie.

Once we got our caffeine and a honey bee (try them - yum!), we hopped across the bridge and dove into the Warehouse Weekend boutiques head first. 

I saw a sneak peek of some gorgeous handcrafted pumpkins made out of vintage chenille bed spreads on Restoration Emporium's Facebook page, so I knew I needed to snatch those up before work and beat the afternoon rush. I also picked up a wooden stump pedestal, mercury glass pumpkins from Bella Patina, and a super cute Happy Halloween banner for our mantel. 

Of course, after all the early morning shopping, we were in need of a pick me up: Ibis Bakery's Toast (with a capital 'T'). Cranberry walnut bread topped with almond butter, organic honey, and a sprinkle of sea salt (aka: heaven!). 

The owners, Chris and Kate, are the nicest people on the planet, so if you are local to KC you should stop in for the grand opening of their Ibis Bakery retail shop next Tuesday in Lenexa! 

Wear stretchy pants.
(you're welcome...)

Here's what's up the rest of the weekend...

+ getting ready for my first Cozy Couture Handmade craft show (eek!)
+ having a Royals watch party tonight with the fam
+ dropping by Christopher Elbow for a First Friday tradition w/ my SIL 
+ project goodbye-ugly-70's-carpet
+ spending my whole weekend windows down and fall candles lit
+ sunday school with my 2nd grade babes
+ heading to the next game in the Royals series 
(there is a lot of baseball this weekend...)

// What are your weekend adventures? //

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October 2, 2014

Gratitude Lately

Lately I am thankful for wet puppy noses and floppy ears...

For trying new things with adventurous friends who completely make your day...

For the reminder that life's best things come in small packages...

For gorgeous morning views that make you feel alive in the city you fell in love with...

For Tuesday girls nights full of cocktails, great food, and the biggest belly aches from 
laughing too hard...

...and the gorgeous fall sunsets that set the mood perfectly.


Here's to gratitude and how it makes life fuller, and the smallest things more than enough.

  //  What are you thankful for today? //

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September 28, 2014

Mingle Monday Blog Link-Up

As we speak, I am laying in bed in my jammers indulging in Scandal and relishing the memories of a great family weekend. We were out of town for a funeral and also for an anniversary surprise party, so we got to spend a lot of great time with the ones we love and hardly get to see.

I hope you had a wonderfully relaxing weekend doing what you love, going on new adventures, and loving every minute of it. Thanks so much for dropping by for a little networking action! I hope you will pass the word on today, and may you find lots of incredible new blogs to read and many new blog friends.

It means a lot that you're here, and I hope you enjoy!



 ** Only 3 easy rules - that's all I ask! **

1) Link-up your blog below.

2) You must share a link to Mingle Monday on your post or the Mingle Monday photo.
3) Answer the weekly question in the comments section below and have FUN!
** What 3 things pull you out of a bad case of the Mondays? **

(I would choose wine, forehead kisses, and fresh flowers!)


Be brave, my friends - it's going to be a great week!

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September 23, 2014

The Travel Countdown is On!

The beauty of working in the non-profit world is the insane amount of vacation days they give you to make up for lack of salary. Hey, I will take a super rewarding job and tons of PTO over a big salary any day of the week. With the last quarter of the year approaching quickly, I am still sitting on 15 days to use and by golly... I'm ready for some time off!

Knowing that Adam will be out in Spokane, Washington in October, I thought it would be perfect to fly in to and meet him for an extra long weekend! We have set our sights on beautiful Coeur d'Alene, Idaho after falling in love with it on our adventure last winter, and it's just a 30 minute drive to CDA from Spokane (and a gorgeous one at that).

Last Friday, I booked our little mini trip and I can hardly contain my excitement! Spending time with my favorite guy in the most breathtaking spot has me antsy for some fresh air and the end of October!

Here's a glimpse at our trip...

Looking forward to checking into the award-winning gorgeous Coeur d'Alene Resort and Spa that is nestled right on the tree-lined lake. The views are insane all over the resort. I loved soaking in the sunset while sitting by the fire in our lakeside room - so cozy!

Coeur d'Alene Resort - Suite View

I have also booked a relaxing couples massage at the resort spa so we can really enjoy unwinding together. When Adam goes to Spokane for business trips it's a lot of long days and manual labor, so I think he will really enjoy taking it easy after a crazy week.

Coeur d'Alene Resort - SPA

The actual downtown of Coeur d'Alene is very classic, quaint, and picturesque. Rows and rows or brick buildings that house local boutiques and cute restaurants in abundance. Last year I found the most amazing Christmas shop and you can only imagine how much restraint I had to exercise to not walk out with the whole store. Can't wait to go back!

Coeur d' Alene, Idaho. Downtown. If your travel plans are flexible, consider going during the arts festival in early August (first weekend?). Fun!

We are also excited to do a lot of hiking around the lake trails everyday and taking in the sights. Last year when I was there the leaves were all golden yellow and it was so stunning!

couer de laine idaho | Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

We are also looking into taking a 3 hour drive west to visit Glacier National Park. I've never been to Montana before, so I would really love to check another state off my bucket list!

Every single photo we've seen of Glacier looks incredible - crystal clear lakes, great hiking, scenic drives - yes please! I am not quite sure if it will be open for visitors still at the end of October, but if it is I am dying to explore!

Glacier National Park

Pebble Shore Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana, United States

Narrow Stream in Glacier National Park, Montana United States
{images via}

Have you been to the Northwest before? 
What's on your travel bucket list?

Adventure here I come!

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September 17, 2014

Currently Loving

Fall is here with a fury, and my favorite season has me in the best mood.
I absolutely live for this time of year!

I am already drafting a fall bucket list, but in the meantime I am riding these good vibes out.
So. Much. Goodness.

Autumn is my favourite season because | of hot coffee warming my cold hands


I love stormy Wednesday mornings wearing cozy leggings, listening to Ben Howard, and sipping hot coffee.

A million Cozy Couture headwraps to build up my inventory for my first craft show in October, and gear up for a busy Etsy season.

Some black coffee with a splash of Chocolate Biscotti creamer out of my favorite orange Starbucks mug (Go Pokes!).

looking //
Forward to our family vacation next month. 7 of us nestled up in a cabin at Lakes of the Ozarks sounds really about now. Hiking, spa dates, playing games, and relaxing together.

Badminton! Adam and I play a game in our jammers almost every single night before we hit the hay.
Yes, we're 85.

Delicious skinny turkey chili. The whole city is slowly changing into fall, cooler weather and all, and I can't get enough. So we made a huge pot of chili and watched Patch Adams last night - so heavenly.

I would like to be watching Scandal, but when the heck does it come back on? It better not be spring, I can hardly contain myself. I love so many some fall shows!

A fun fall centerpiece for our dining room table. I found a spectacular long rustic box made out of reclaimed barn wood while at Warehouse Weekends at the beginning of the month. So the plan is to layer it with pumpkins, berries, twigs, and candles for a rustic, pretty autumn touch.
My inspiration...

I was still curled up in bed with my sweet hubs and pup. The thunderstorms were a'raging this morning, and I could've stayed in bed all day. Oh! And pancakes in bed. Definitely pancakes.

A Halloween bash with my awesome sis-in-law. Actually, she's the mastermind behind our ghoulish fest.. I am really just the spastic one pinning every Halloween thing that crosses my path on Pinterest! ;)

Having Adam home for consecutive weeks. It sounds crazy, but what a treat to get to spend time with him. He was in China for a week and Washington several times in the last month, so I am soaking it all in.

The world's best, coziest sweater/tunic from Gap Body. Hands down, the best purchase I have ever made. The sweater has a hood and the material is soft like butter. Perfect for lounging around the house in yoga pants, or running around the town in leggings and boots.

An awesome Nespresso latte maker (pricey!). Holy heck, my cousin has one of these babies and it's a game changer. I also would love some of the awesome prints on my on-going "Wishlist" board on Pinterest. It's out of control...

My new iPhone case from Society6. A splash of color and whimsy, so cute.

Down the days until Christmas... 98!


What are you currently loving this week?

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September 15, 2014

Mingle Monday Blog Link-Up!

I'm having a case of the Mondays this morning!
A little minor issue with the linky, but we are set-up and ready to go, my friends!

Thanks so much for dropping by for a little networking action! I hope you will pass the word and find lots of great new blog friends!



 ** Only 3 easy rules - that's all I ask! **

1) Link-up your blog below.

2) You must share a link to Mingle Monday on your post or the Mingle Monday photo.
3) Answer the weekly question in the comments section below and have FUN!
** What are your guilty pleasures? **

(I cannot get enough of the train wreck that is Keeping Up With the Kardashians! Ha!)


Hope your week is off to a killer start!

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September 10, 2014

Breaking News: Toms + Target

Okay, I hope you are sitting down in a quiet room, and I need you to remain calm. 
Because I have news for you. BIG news.

Target + TOMS = November 16th!

Are you screaming and jumping up and down too? I can hardly contain myself.
This is going to be absolutely fabulous (as if Target didn't already steal a huge chunk of my paycheck), and this partnership's timing couldn't possibly be better... right before the holiday season!

I have been a huge TOMS advocate for years. I love their socially conscious mission. I love that I can feel good about helping people with each purchase I make. And I love the comfortability and fun designs of their shoes. Now, TOMS x Target will be introducing more than 50 products under $50, including shoes, accessories, apparel, home goods, and more!

Here's the even better news...

"With your help, TOMS for Target has the potential to provide more than 11 million meals, blankets and shoes to those in need. Every TOMS for Target apparel, accessory and home good purchase results in the donation of a blanket through the American Red Cross or Canadian Red Cross, or one week of meals through Feeding America or Food Banks Canada. And for every TOMS for Target pair of shoes sold, a pair will go to a child in need."

The TOMS x Target collaboration will hit Target shelves on November 16th at US and Canada locations, as well as online. The new line will span through mid-March, so mark your calendars and spread the awesome news! 

And yes, I will be one of those crazies getting ready to bust through the doors the morning they hit shelves... look out! 

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