April 14, 2014

Mingle Monday Link-Up!

I am back from a wonderful weekend getaway at the family cabin, and I can't think of a better way to kick off the work week than by mingling with my faves!

Welcome to Mingle Monday! I hope you will grab a latte and bounce around to find other great blogs!
Please do me a favor if you have a second. If you can take 15-30 seconds to tweet or share about this beloved week-long link-up, I would really appreciate it! After all, the more the merrier, that's for sure!

Enjoy yourselves, and may my little link-up bring you some wonderful new readers!



 ** Only 3 easy rules - that's all I ask! **

1) Link-up your blog below.

2) You must share a link to Mingle Monday on your post or the Mingle Monday photo.
3) Answer the weekly question in the comments section below and have FUN!
** What home remedies have your tried and did they work **

(psstt... I tried a baking soda lemon juice paste for blackhead removal and it worked like a charm! Who knew?)



I feel very honored to be a part of the blog community, and very blessed that my little blog has grown since the day of my first post. I want this blog to focus on paying it forward, so I have decided to re-do my sponsorship platform.

As of right now 100% of advertisement sponsorship proceeds will go to my charity of choice, the American Cancer Society Hope Lodge. There are dozens and dozens of Hope Lodges across the country that give cancer patients a free place to stay while out of town for cancer treatment. 

With just $10, you can get a month long ad and know that it is going to help real cancer patients and their families. And for $25 you get a prime ad spot AND an awesome Hope Lodge "HOPE" t-shirt to be mailed to you ASAP as my thanks to you!

This is your day to give back and also get some great exposure in return, so please help me raise money for this awesome organization by becoming a sponsor HERE!

A BIG thank you to these awesome gals for lending a hand. With their help, I have been able to donate a few hundred dollars to ACS Hope Lodge! Please go visit them and say hello!

Wishing you a killer start to your week!

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April 11, 2014

Roadtrip Weekend

Well friends, at lunchtime I'm grabbing my man and my pup and hitting the open road.
It's the first time in a long time that my sweet hubby and I have been in the same city  for an extensive amount of time and I'm loving it.

Missed him.

So, we're taking advantage of the beautiful weekend and heading south. We're going to one of our favorite spots, the family cabin (yes, the one where Adam proposed! It's our favorite spot.).

Roadtrip 2014, currently saving some money for it!

The game plan is to sit out on the deck, sleep too late, watch the turtles swim leisurely across the pond, maybe do a little kayaking, play fetch with Beast, practice using my camera better, cook some great meals, eat at Carolyn's, play cards, and just enjoy time outside together.

I'm literally giddy thinking about it!

Also, if you think about it and want to say a little prayer for my precious grandpa, he's not doing so great. We are planning to stop to spend a lot of time with him on our way to the cabin and again on our way home. Love that sweet man so much - thanks in advance for any phone calls to the Big Man upstairs on his behalf. :) 

God is good.
Life is wonderful.
Time to adventure.


In case you missed it this week...

Have a fantastic weekend - catch you for Mingle Monday!

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April 8, 2014

Absolutely Loving...

So this weekend I was perusing around on Pinterest for hours, which can only mean two things...

1 //  It's going to make me hungry and want to bake everything.
2 //  I am going to get so many ideas that my head will be spinning and I won't even know where to start.

That being said, I shouldn't be shocked that my DIY list has grown substantially and now all I want to do is shop 'til I drop...*le sigh*. Don't worry, I haven't gone out on some kind of neurotic shopping spree, which I know both my debit card and husband and thankful, but I am scheming. And scheming is never good.

So after thinking about it and setting some priorities, here are my current obsessions (both already purchased faves and little wishlist items). I seriously cannot get enough!

// Current Obsessions //

1) Succulent Living Wall/Vertical Garden DIY
Holy gorgeousness. I was inspired by a sweet little succulent that I found at the Farmer's Market this weekend and transplanted into a quaint little Anthro teacup I had in my kitchen. But now, I suddenly have my eye on bigger projects. Hence, a vertical hanging living wall and a cool rustic letter, both of which would make our beloved patio so fun, don't you think?

Has anyone ever made a living garden?
Tips? Tricks?

2) Linen Striped Sperry Top-Siders
So I was waltzing through Nordstrom one day on a mission to help my hubby find some new jeans, when I spotted these beauties. My sister has been telling me for years how awesome and comfy Sperrys are, but once I saw these cute neutral stripes I couldn't get them out of my head. Thankfully I had a Christmas gift card and an item I needed to return for store credit, so they are now permanently glued to my tootsies.

3) Crate & Barrel Smoothie Straws
If you absolutely love smoothies and don't own these yet, you'd better hop to you nearest C&B! Every morning I fix myself a fruit and spinach protein smoothie to start my day off right, but I was tired of tipping up my glass and getting it all over my freshly set makeup. Umm, I cannot say enough how much I love these smoothie straws. They are super wide, hard plastic straws in fun colors and make sipping a little concoction extra fun!

4) Maybelline Falsies Mascara
I decided to steer away from my usual go-to-favorite mascara on a mere whim, and I tossed this guy into my Target basket. It's incredible! I have short, straight, blonde lashes that make me look like I am sleepy until I can swipe on a coat of mascara. But the second I tried this mascara I knew it was a game changer. My lashes actually CURLED and every single lash was coated without it being clumpy or chipping off. I'm sold.

5) Tom's New Sandals
Okay, I don't own these puppies, but they're on my wishlist. First off, I absolutely love Toms brand. I love their mission to help people, I love their products, and I'm sold. So when they announced their new sandal line, I was already sold. I've been reading tons of reviews and have even felt the sole of them, and I was surprised my how cushy and comfortable they feel. Saving my pennies...

6) "Am I Wrong" by Nico & Vinz
I'm definitely that person who hears a song once, becomes obsesses, and plays it on repeat for the next 3 weeks. Trust me, or even better, ask my poor husband! Haha. I literally heard this on the radio on my way home last night and I cannot get enough. Listen to it, download it, and then tell me it's not so gosh darn catchy. I dare you! :)

What are you absolutely loving lately?

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